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New CEMS system amongst latest ABB technologies to feature at AQE 2017

ABB’s New ACF5000 CEMS system to feature alongside selection of latest gas analysis technologies at AQE 2017 show

The new ACF5000ABB will be exhibiting its latest range of air and gas analysers at the Air Quality and Emissions (AQE) Show at the Telford International Centre (24th-25th May 2017). Stands 79 and 80 will provide the platform for the company to demonstrate its latest technologies enabling operators to count on accurate and reliable measurement of gaseous emissions.


A main feature will be ABB's new ACF5000 hot/wet extractive continuous emissions monitoring system for combustion applications. Using FTIR technology, the ACF5000 enables simultaneous analysis of up to 15 different gas components including SO2, CO2, CO, NH3 and VOCs using a single sample probe system.

The ACF5000 combines the advantages of an FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) spectrometer with zirconia oxygen measurement and optional flame ionisation (FID) technology. The high resolution FTIR spectrometer performs sensitive and stable measurement of active gas molecules, ensuring highly accurate quantification of gas components. Where the FID module is included, the ACF5000 can also be used to measure unburned hydrocarbons at ppm levels to help improve combustion efficiency.

Completely self-contained, the ACF5000 offers a turnkey solution for combustion process monitoring in municipal and hazardous waste incineration and power plants using coal, oil or waste. It is certified to relevant leading standards, including EN 14181 QAL1, QAL2 and QAL3 and is MCERTS-certified for use in process plants for applications including DeNOx and DeSOx plant optimization and HCL scrubber monitoring.

Also on show will be ABB's StackFlowMaster, an in-situ device for measuring flows in stacks up to eight metres in diameter. Two versions are available - manual and automatic. The StackFlowMaster manual version is for use in applications with relatively clean gases such as gas fired combustion processes. The StackFlowMaster automatic version features a purging and auto/span zero capability, making it suitable for applications with dust-laden gas streams.

Both versions of the StackFlowMaster work with continuous emissions monitoring analysers to calculate the emissions flow in mass or corrected volume units of measurement.

As well as being MCERTS-certified and fully compliant with EN 15267-3, the StackFlowMaster is also fully QAL3 compliant, making it ideal for use by plants operating under an Environment Agency permit. Using the StackFlowMaster's zero and span functions, operators and test laboratories can perform regular tests to ascertain the performance of the analyser during normal operation.

The stand will also feature ABB's AZ20 compact combustion gas analyser for high temperature applications up to 800°C.

Manufactured using a new ceramic-to-steel bonding process, the AZ20 offers improved resistance to thermal stresses and shocks compared to a conventional brazed design. This enables it to be used in a wider range of applications subject to sudden variations in process temperatures, as well as offering a gas tight bond throughout its operating temperature range.

Its ability to withstand the impact of sulphurous and reducing atmospheres makes it suitable for use in arduous applications including sulphur recovery processes, crematoria and industrial and clinical waste incineration.

Another feature within the AZ20 is integrated advanced calibration technology, which automatically controls both the test gas flow rate and test gas sequences during calibration testing. This eliminates the need for expensive ancillary equipment typically needed for traditional flue gas oxygen analyzer systems and prevents incorrect calibrations caused by the loss of test gas.

Visitors will also get the chance to see ABB's LGR-ICOS series laser process analysers. Using patented Off-axis ICOS (Integrated Cavity Output Spectropscopy) technology, the analysers provide a simple, robust and sensitive method of simultaneously measuring multiple trace impurities in both simple and complex industrial gas mixtures.

Offering a range of operational benefits over conventional gas analysers, including greatly enhanced sensitivity, precision and selectivity, LGR-ICOS analysers are ideal for contaminant monitoring in natural gas, biogas, HyCO (syngas), fuel gas, chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor fabrication facilities, and other processes requiring rapid, high accuracy continuous measurement of gas concentrations.

The analysers are available in two options, both of which will be on show on the stand. The 927 Series is suited for applications requiring a general purpose analyzer, while the 950 Series is designed for applications requiring hazardous-area certification (Zone 1 and Zone 2).

For more information, email or call 0870 600 6122 ref. ‘AQE 2017'.


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