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New calculator highlights potential savings through the Water Technology List

London, UK, September 29, 2015: ABB launches web-based tool to encourage water companies to invest in the latest flow metering equipment

Screenshot of calculator toolABB's new ECA calculator tool ( allows water operators to quickly and easily calculate how much they could save by choosing ABB's AquaMaster, WaterMaster and AquaProbe products from the Water Technology List.


Set up over 10 years ago by Defra and the Inland Revenue in partnership with Envirowise, the Water Technology List (WTL) scheme promotes the use of water efficient technology by enabling companies to offset 100 percent of the costs associated with purchasing and installation in the first year.

As listed products within the scheme, ABB's WaterMaster, AquaMaster and AquaProbe flowmeters are all eligible for 100 percent tax relief at the time of purchase. In many cases, this removes the purchase cost argument that has seen many water companies continuing to opt for mechanical flow meters, despite their many drawbacks compared to electromagnetic devices.

"The online calculator from ABB enables end users to see for themselves how beneficial it can be to purchase equipment from the Water Technology List," says Alan Hunt. "Although the scheme has been around for a long time, many people are still unaware that it applies not only to the products listed but also the installation itself which can account for around 50 percent of a typical project."

With no moving parts that can fail, electromagnetic flowmeters require little or no maintenance, reducing operational costs and improving both efficiency and profitability through enhanced accuracy.

"Although electromagnetic flowmeters have been widely embraced by the UK water industry, they have yet to completely replace mechanical meters, which are seen by many to continue to offer a cheaper alternative," says Alan Hunt, Product Specialist for ABB's UK Measurement Products business. "This is despite the many inherent drawbacks of mechanical flowmeters, which include deteriorating accuracy from the day they are installed caused by wearing of internal components."

ABB's WaterMaster, AquaMaster and AquaProbe flow meters are widely used across the UK water industry. Available in sizes from 3/8" to 96", the ABB WaterMaster offers accurate and reliable measurement in mains distribution, wastewater and sewage applications. Its robust sensors can be directly buried, eliminating the need for expensive meter chambers.

Incorporating quad band GSM/SMS communications and a choice of mains, battery and renewable power options, ABB's AquaMaster flowmeters offer a highly accurate and flexible solution for flow measurement in even the remotest locations. Now also incorporating WITS DNP3 communications, the AquaMaster3 is the world's first flowmeter to offer water operators access to near real-time data on device status, presenting new opportunities for intelligent maintenance management.

For short term or evaluation installations, ABB's AquaProbe offers an economic alternative to full bore flowmeters. Available with the same choice of power options as the AquaMaster3, the AquaProbe comprises of an insertion electromagnetic sensing head mounted on the end of a support rod powered by an AquaMaster3 transmitter. The assembly can be installed in existing pipelines without the need for major excavations or alterations to pipe work normally associated with the installation full bore meters.

To access the calculator, please visit

For more information about ABB's Water Technology List products, call 0870 600 6122 or email ref. "Water Technology Calculator".


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