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Variable-speed drives can significantly cut hospital's energy bills

Healthcare Estates eventHealthcare Estates Event, 7 - 8th October 2014, Manchester Central, stand F39: ABB is demonstrating how variable-speed drives (VSDs) can save energy costs as well as maintaining air quality in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems within healthcare buildings.

The biggest consumers of electricity are the electric motors used to drive pumps and fans within HVAC systems. If these motors can be made to run more efficiently, energy, CO2 and financial savings will be made.

As many pump and fan systems run at less than full capacity for much of the time, by installing VSDs and high efficiency motors into HVAC systems, it is possible to reduce running costs by up to 60 percent. Furthermore if a 100 kW fan's speed is reduced by 50 percent the investment in a VSD will have a payback of less than 12 months when in continuous use.

Experts are on the stand to explain the benefits of installing VSDs in healthcare building's HVAC systems. Among the benefits include:

- Reduced energy consumption
- Fast payback - less than 12 months
- Less CO2 emissions - CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
- Clean air circulation throughout critical areas
- Tighter control over temperature changes
- Enhanced Capital Allowances available
- Lower maintenance costs
- Easily to retrofit into an installation
- Low harmonic solutions available as part of installation design
- Gain control of HVAC costs

ABB's Carl Turbitt is presenting at the IHEEM conference, on the 7th October, as part of the Energy stream, ‘How technology can significantly cut a hospital's energy bill and reduce the need for spending cuts.'

With the NHS spending £400 million per year on energy and its CO2 output having grown by 40 percent since 1990 it is under pressure to find ways to reduce expenditure. Carl's presentation will include examples of how VSDs are already helping UK hospitals save on HVAC energy costs, whilst maintaining clean air supplies for critical areas, as well as saving maintenance costs by reducing mechanical stress on fan and pump applications.

Having BACnet and Modbus communications protocols built in as standard, means seamless integration of new and existing building management systems, reducing installation, commissioning and of course costs, a solution in a box.

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