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ABB to present its emissions measurement expertise at MCERTS 2011 exhibition

ABB Measurement Products to show key products for air and water emissions measurement

ABB's stand at this year's MCERTS event at the Telford International Centre (30-31st March, Stand 11 and 12) will feature its latest range of equipment for accurate monitoring and measurement of emissions to air and water.


Products on display on the ABB Measurement Products stand will include the ACF-NT multi-component analyser system, which combines the advantages of an infrared spectrometer using Fourier transformations with the proven technology of FID and ZrO2 analyser modules. Certified to MCERTS, the ACF-NT provides accurate measurement of flue gas emissions in a variety of industrial applications as well as waste incineration.

Accompanying this product will be the EL-3000 Continuous Gas Analyser, for continuous measurement of the concentration of individual components in gases or vapours. Key features include an optional PROFIBUS interface, enabling simple data transfer to a control system or PLC. The unit also includes two measuring ranges per component and a zirconium dioxide oxygen trace analyser, providing added flexibility and ease of use during commissioning and operation.

There will also be the chance to see examples of ABB's other MCERTified products, including the WaterMaster flowmeter for use in effluent flow self-monitoring applications under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR). With a host of revolutionary features including an octagonal sensor design and onboard verification, the WaterMaster is one of the first flowmeters to be awarded a Class 1 MCERTS conformity certificate for closed pipe flow measurement.

Joining the WaterMaster will be ABB's new AZ20 zirconia probe, which is currently undergoing the MCERTS certification process. Designed for industrial and utility boiler applications, the AZ20 features a revised sensor design and an increased choice of probe lengths up to four metres (13.12 feet) suitable for use in high temperature applications up to 800°C.

Other products featured will include the Torbar averaging pitot meter, a low cost, easily installable flowmeter with a low pressure drop, which can be readily fitted into most locations including square or rectangular pipe ducts. The Torbar is particularly ideal for measuring emissions in chimney and exhaust stacks up to eight metres in diameter.

In addition to exhibiting, ABB will also be hosting two workshops taking place across the two days of the show. The first workshop will take place at 10:30-11:00 in Room 1 on Wednesday 31st March and will focus on the topic of ‘Effective servicing of your Continuous Emissions System; liaising with plant operators, the EA and test houses'. Steve Donnelly will outline the critical factors that must be considered in a servicing strategy, such as the resources that a reputable supplier of CEMS should provide and how to maximise Operator Monitoring Assessment (OMA) scores through proper servicing and maintenance.

The second workshop, on Thursday 31st March, will take place in Room 3 at 09:45-10:15 and will focus on ‘Effective and accurate volumetric flow measurement on stacks'. Presenter Jennifer Wilson will provide an overview of the basics of differential pressure (DP) flow measurement and will explain how averaging pitot tubes can be used for stack applications.

ABB manufactures and supplies a wide range of equipment for measuring and monitoring emissions in industrial and utility applications. ABB Field Service teams also support many companies with verification and on-site support contracts. To find out more about ABB's range of measurement products and services, please visit

For more information, please email ref. ‘Emissions measurement' or call 0870 600 6122.


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